Baobab Oil Explained

Baobab Oil is extracted from the seeds of Adansonia Digitata , through Cold Pressed method. It is native to African Continent and considerably closed in that area only. It belongs to the Malvaceae family of plantae kingdom. Baobab is a traditional food plant in Africa and used in cooking for a very long time there. There are many cultural myths and legends surrounding Baobab tree in Africa. Also known as Upside Down tree, in Africa it is considered as the ‘tree of life’ because of the multiple health benefits it provided.

Baobab is a highly moisturizing oil, that nourishes skin and prevents various skin conditions like acne, dryness, chapped lips, itching and irritation . It is also an excellent anti-ageing treatment that reverses the effects of age, pollution, Sun damage, etc. It is added to Skin care products and becoming famous for the same benefits. Its emollient nature also helps in treating scalp and preventing hair loss and luster less hair. It can be added to hair care products to improve hair quality. Baobab Oil is an anecdotal treatment for Skin Aliments such as Dermatitis, Eczema and Dry Skin conditions . It is added to infection treatment creams and healing ointments. It is also used in Cosmetic industry for oil benefits, as it has the same properties but is less greasy when compared to other carrier oils.

Baobab Oil is suitable for all skin types . Although useful alone, it is mostly added to skin care products and cosmetic product like Creams, Lotions, Hair Care products, Body Care Products, Lip balms etc. Baobab oil can directly be applied on skin due to its mild nature.

The Doggos‘ cold pressed Baobab oil is pure, natural and unrefined . No chemicals or preservatives are added to Baobab Dog Hair Oil.