Benefits of using baobab oil for dogs

Baobab oil comes from the seeds of the African baobab tree that grows exclusively in that particular country.These are high in antioxidants and contain essential vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the skin and coat of your dog.

Benefits of using Baobab oil for dogs skin and coat:

Moisturizes and hydrates the skin: It is an organic emollient that will avoid dehydration of the skin and thus, reduce the scratching, peeling, and flakes, not forgetting the dandruff cases.
Repairs damage: The baobab oil also contains many antioxidants that may shield your dog’s skin against the harmful effects of ultra violet rays from sunlight, air pollution, or extreme weather conditions like coldness. It may also be useful in treating skin damage due to excessive scratching or self-licking.
Strengthens the coat: The fact is that baobab oil helps strengthen hair follicles in dog coats thus making them look as if they are thick, shiny, and also resistant to breakage.
Reduces inflammation: Anti-inflammatory benefits of baobab oil are able to reduce signs of redness, soreness, or skin irritation in dogs.
Promotes healing: Wounds, cuts and abrasion may get healed by helping through baobab oil.
Natural flea and tick repellent: Some researchers have even demonstrated that baobab oil might function as a deterrent for fleas and ticks.

How to use Baobab oil for dogs skin and coat:

It is possible to use them on a dog’s body as well, by massaging the oil on the skin and coat.
You can also mix baobab oil with a dog’s shampoo or condition.The same can be used as a topical application on a dog’s coat and skin.
Moreover, you may make a decision to put some baobab oil in the pet’s shampoo or conditioner.

Here are some tips for using baobab oil for dogs skin and coat:

Add a little bit of oil at first, then add more, if necessary.
Do not get oil into your dog’s eyes.

A natural oil that is full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that will help maintain healthy skin on your pet dog, as well as make their coat sparkle.

Our Baobab Dog Hair Oil is a truly versatile product✨ It’s a 100% natural human grade oil which is also completely lick safe. Here are 6 different ways our Baobab Oil can be used:

1️⃣ As a pre-shampoo treatment-
Use it as a massaging oil before your pup’s bath. Leave it on for a good amount of time and rinse it off with a thorough wash.

2️⃣ As a post-shampoo treatment-
Use it as a massaging oil after your pup’s bath. Lather the skin with the rich baobab oil for soft skin and coat.

3️⃣ To treat Hotspots-
Often seen on different body areas, our Baobab oil is a great way to keep these irritating and painful hotspots at bay.

4️⃣ As a moisturiser-
If ever you feel like your doggo’s fur seems dry or flaky, Baobab oil can act as an awesome moisturiser leaving their coat super soft. Bonus is that it also leaves human hands feeling soft and supple too.

5️⃣ As a carrier oil-
Baobab oil is the best carrier oil to be used with other essential oils to naturally keep ticks n fleas away.

6️⃣ Dry paws and snout treatment-
If your fur baby has dry and chapped snout and paws, our baobab oil can work wonders.

7️⃣ For a shiny, dull-free coat.

8️⃣ To treat flea and tick wounds.

9️⃣ Use it as an ear cleanser-
Since baobab oil is non-comedogenic, anti-fungal and antibacterial, it can also help cleanse your dog’s ears without clogging pores. Apply a little bit of the oil on a cotton pad and after gently massaging the ears, it can help clean out the excess wax. Be careful, don’t dig too much inside the ears.

🔟 To treat itchy and inflamed skin.