How important is using Toxic free & Natural ingredients in floor cleaners

Cleaning up after our pets is part and parcel of having them🧹And since our four-legged friends are family, the same consideration that we give to household products and our health should be applied to the household products we use around them. The floor is their domain, and to keep it clean and safe you should be cleaning with a pet-safe floor cleaner 🧼🫧

Phenol and traditional floor cleaners contain volatile and toxic chemicals that often do more harm than just clean leaving behind residue that can be toxic and especially harmful to pets. Their paws and skin are in direct contact with toxins on the floor, which can be absorbed through the skin. Short term effects like contact dermatitis and itchy eyes can be easier for an owner to spot – although making the connection to irritating floor contaminants may not be as obvious. The adverse health effects of long-term exposure such as disease or asthma are often less visible.

👀Ingredients to watch out for:

Ammonium, commonly listed as ammonium hydroxide is a common ingredient in floor cleaners as it is an effective cleaning agent. it is highly toxic when inhaled or ingested and can be corrosive to the skin, eyes and respiratory systems of pets.

“Fragrance” or “Parfum” is problematic when used in products. Even though it is listed as a single ingredient, a fragrance can be made up of up to 200 chemicals😳 Commonly used toxins include phthalates which is an issue for pet safety particularly because they persist in the environment and can bioaccumulate, which can have a big influence in smaller pets🦮

Chlorine is a chemical commonly found in bleach-based cleaning products such as tile scrubs. Chlorine is toxic ❌ if ingested and can cause vomiting, diarrhea and burns inside the mouth if a large amount is consumed.

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