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Peanut Butter

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SIZE – 200 ml

Pamper your furry friend with our delectable peanut butter treat, specially crafted for canine palates.

Indulge your dog’s taste buds with our all-natural peanut butter, made from premium roasted peanuts and devoid of harmful additives like xylitol.

Rich in protein and healthy fats, our peanut butter provides a nutritious and satisfying snack that your dog will crave.

Ideal for training, rewarding, or simply spoiling your beloved companion, our peanut butter is sure to become a paw-some favorite.

Treat your dog to the goodness of nature’s finest peanut butter and watch their tails wag with delight.

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Spoil Your Canine Companion with Our All-Natural Peanut Butter for Dogs Indulge your furry friend’s cravings with our delectable all-natural peanut butter for dogs, a treat that’s both delicious and nutritious. Crafted with the finest, human-grade peanuts, our peanut butter is free from artificial ingredients, preservatives, and added sugars, ensuring a wholesome and guilt-free treat for your beloved pooch.

Why Choose Our All-Natural Peanut Butter for Dogs?

  • 100% Natural Ingredients: Our peanut butter is made with nothing but pure, roasted peanuts, ensuring a healthy and wholesome treat for your dog.
  • No Added Preservatives: We believe in keeping things simple, so our peanut butter is free from artificial preservatives and additives that can be harmful to your dog’s health.
  • No Added Sugars: We’ve eliminated the need for added sugars, making our peanut butter a healthier choice for dogs.
  • Rich Source of Protein: Peanuts are an excellent source of protein, an essential nutrient for your dog’s growth and development.
  • Healthy Fats and Fiber: Peanuts contain healthy fats and fiber, which can aid in digestion and promote overall health.
  • Delicious Taste: Your dog will love the irresistible taste of our all-natural peanut butter, making it a perfect treat or training aid.

How to Enjoy Our All-Natural Peanut Butter for Dogs

  • As a Treat: Simply spread our peanut butter on a lick mat, stuff it into a Kong toy, or offer it as a hand-fed treat.
  • For Training: Use our peanut butter as a positive reinforcement tool during training sessions.
  • Adding Variety to Meals: Mix a spoonful of our peanut butter into your dog’s regular food for added flavor and nutrients.

Our Commitment to Quality

We are committed to providing your dog with the highest quality peanut butter possible. That’s why we source our peanuts from trusted suppliers and use only the finest, human-grade ingredients. Our peanut butter is made in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.

Give Your Dog the Treat They Deserve

With our all-natural peanut butter for dogs, you can indulge your furry friend’s cravings while providing them with a healthy and nutritious treat. Order your jar today and witness the wagging happiness it brings!

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Weight 200 g

Roasted Peanuts, Organic Honey



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Royal Doggos LLP

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